Nowadays we store data in many different types of databases, such as Oracle, MS SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, Cassandra, Hadoop, SAP HANA, Mongo DB, Couch DB and more. Optimal Data Group provides support to install and maintain your databases, making sure that the right access is granted to the authorized users and proper backup strategies are in place to reduce business interruption. We offer onsite and remote support services on a one-time basis or on a monthly contract. Please call our offices to find out which support service plan fits your need.

Data Analysis

Data collected from a multitude of systems can be analyzed to predict possible outcome and trends. For example, in the retail industry, a customer profile and preferences can be retrieved from Social Media sites, such as Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram. Based on previous purchases at the store, the data can be used to predict what the customer will likely to buy. The more data we have, the better prediction result can be produced. Machine Learning tool is used to automate the process and generates faster recommendations to better service targeted customers.


Voluminous data collected at high speed can be daunting for someone to analyze and make sense of the data. Social media has brought a new dimension to our data consumption. A burst of data could flag profitable opportunities and repetitive actions can lead to trends on buyers’ behavior. Using BigData technologies to optimize your business process is the perfect recipe to profitability. Optimal Data Group can help your organization find the right BigData combination to forecast trends and predicts outcome that could result in increase revenue.


The internet changed everything in the early 1990s. The next major change will be related to blockchain technology. In brief, blockchain is a global distributed ledger which is not controlled by any entity. The ledger can resides on an infinte number of computers connected to the internet and all information in the blockchain is securely encrypted. The year 2016 will be devoted to exploring finding the benefits of blockchain. Some experts are saying that blockchain will open doors to enable faster and more secure financial transactions.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing using Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Service AWS, EC2, Google


Organizations have been collecting data for a long time, either physically on paper or digitally on a computer system. Most of these data are archived and stored in places where they are hard to reach.

Implementing a Data strategy could create a new Competitive Advantage for the organization. Through Software Development, historical data could be extracted from the archives and used to dig out valuable information which could be used to increase profit and enhance business performance.